Collaborative Law- A more positive way to restructure your family

Collaborative Law offers a new approach to resolving differences, allowing you to divorce more peacefully with dignity, respect, and cooperation.


Collaborative Family Law is a non-adversarial process focused on getting families from dispute to resolution efficiently, with as little financial and emotional damage as possible, while securing an agreement that addresses their common and individual interests.


Each spouse retains a lawyer to act as an advisor, and the parties participate in four-way settlement negotiations with their lawyers at their sides so that client ownership of the process is combined with legal protection in a problem-solving approach. The lawyer is present to assist in gathering information, analyzing options, and negotiating solutions. The process may include other professionals jointly chosen, such as therapists, financial planners, appraisers, and others. Both parties and professionals agree to be co-operative and forthcoming, working together to achieve a resolution. A mediator or communication coach can be used if an agreement is not reached, but if there is an impasse, both lawyers must withdraw. Everyone has a stake in continuing to problem-solve and think "outside the box" rather than run down to the court house.


By choosing the collaborative process to settle your divorce, you will have many advantages:


  • Less stress

  • Retain control over your future

  • Lower emotional and financial costs

  • Create win/win solutions

  • Divorce more peacefully with less anger and conflict

  • Learn creative problem-solving techniques for the future

  • Protect your right, assets, and your family in a private setting

  • Avoid court


For more information, click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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