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Dougherty & Dougherty is a small, Houston-based law firm which focuses primarily on Collaborative Family Law and Mediation.The firm has served Harris and surrounding counties since 1984.  We represent individual clients, providing 
personalized service attentive to the clients'
individual needs and concerns. We purposely do


Our Team


We strive to provide the best possible personal legal service to support your family by promoting peace and working together with you as a team to help you make the best decisions for you and your family.




We help you navigate through the complex process decision-making in divorce, modifications of child custody & child support, adoptions, and pre and post marital agreements, through mediation and collaboration.

not have a high volume practice.  Our belief is that communication is central to our relationship with our clients, opposing parties and their counsel, and to achieving results that benefit our clients and their families. Although we prefer to handle divorces in collaborative process, we are vigilant and persistent in trying to reach amicable accords in a process that meets the parties' needs. We remain alert and diligent to prepare for trial should reasonable and fair agreements not otherwise be reached.

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6515 Durford St.

Houston, TX 77007

Fax: 713-521-9828



News & Publications

Why a Collaborative Divorce Makes Financial Sense


Many people visualize themselves getting married; nobody daydreams about tension-filled evenings, when you're considering the legal ramifications of stabbing your spouse with a salad fork.For couples ready to part ways, a collaborative divorce is a strategy taken by those who want to avoid-


5 Ways to Protect Children During Divorce


How will divorce impact your children? This question keeps parents awake at night at all stages of the divorce process. Fear of harming your children might have even been a reason you stayed in an unhappy marriage for longer than you wanted to.

Important Distinctions Between Litigation and Mediation


I recently attended the American Bar Association 2013 Family Law CLE Conference that took place in Deer Valley, Utah. Although I have been practicing law for over 22 years, I am embarrassed to say that it was only the second time that I attended

The Best Way to Divorce?


"Criminal trials involve bad people at their best and divorce trials involve good people at their worst," many judges have told me. I learned exactly that more than 40 years ago when I found myself going from prosecutor to divorce lawyer.

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