PreMarital Agreements-A Responsible Approach to Marriage

In today’s world, it not just the affluent but rather anyone with some separate property may be concerned that their marriages may not last.They or their family could be concerned that their intended spouse may be partially swayed by the prospect of money. Therefore, many people who hope to avoid future conflict consider the use of a prenuptial or post nuptial agreement. What you may not know is that a prenuptial agreement (or post nuptial agreement) can be tailored to meet your individual needs.


For example, a premarital agreement can not only protect your assets, but can set out methods to help your marriage.Some people want to create agreements that include a plan to learn and maintain relationship skills. If there is an interest in such method, I highly encourage couples to consider taking a relationship course to understand each other’s needs and learn more communication skills that will work for both of you.Churches and some therapists often have relationship courses. The State of Texas recognizes the benefit of premarital counseling and the costly, unfortunate effects of divorce.When couples complete an assigned course, they are issued a certificate to present when they purchase their marriage license.They receive a $60 discount on their marriage license and can bypass the 3 day waiting period. 

Understand financial goals and assets

Protect separate property and clarify assets and debts

Understand goals and expectations for marriage

Process for maintaining marital relationship

Avoid future conflicts

Address cultural differences prior to marriage

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